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Carpet Cleaning Service in Hermiston, Oregon

Hermiston Cleaning Services LLC offers professional and reliable cleaning solutions according to your specific requirements and budget. To guarantee the highest level of cleanliness for your home or office space, we utilize quality control programs, including customer surveys and onsite inspections. Our professionals are trained in product usage and safety procedures. We also encourage your input all throughout to ensure the most preferred outcomes.

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Janitorial Services

As per the International Sanitary Supply Association, a tidier workspace can potentially reduce sick-day absences and improve employee productivity. Our skilled and committed cleaners can offer you top-notch janitorial services using a high-productivity approach, dynamic products, and advanced technologies. Our solutions include everything from window washing and floor stripping to waxing and buffing.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service

We offer industry-accredited carpet and upholstery cleaning service to all kinds of residential and commercial establishments. Our technicians carefully examine each area and deploy the most suitable products, methods of application, and cleaning techniques – hot water extraction, stain and spot removal, scotch guarding, deodorizing,  or dry cleaning. You can trust us to apply the best treatment and guarantee an extensive cleanup job.

Tile & Grout

Restore the appearance of your home or business with our expert tile and grout cleaning service. Our team can clean your surface flawlessly without leaving behind any sticky residue or dampness. We also use high-heat and low-pressure steam to eliminate discoloring agents present in the grout and achieve a fresh appearance.

Floor Stripping & Waxing

Over time hard surface flooring accumulates scuffs, dirt, and build-up, making it look dull and dirty; even after mopping. Hermiston Cleaning Services LLC uses specialized commercial equipment to strip the floors of any buildup and then apply wax to help protect them and make them shine.

Duct Cleaning

Over time dust and other particles can build up inside duct work. This debris can then be redistrubuted through the air that is pushed through the HVAC system. Having ducts cleaned regularly can reduce allergens and irritants in the air, reduce odors and improve the flow of air throughout the HVAC system.

Emergency Water Removal

A water damage accident can be an extremely troublesome affair for any home or business. But we can help reduce property damage and prevent mold infestation by offering a fast emergency water removal service. Using powerful vacuum pumps and dehumidifiers, we would dry your property in no time before the water can hurt your home or belongings.

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